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 Capture the best sounds in your studio within seconds with the best robotic mic stand available.

What's more fun than robots?

Video coming soon!     


3 axis stand


4 axis stand (adds rotation)


4 axis stand (adds rotation) + auto/recall

Moving mic's in front of a loud amp is never fun.  Wearing headphones can help you judge where the mic may need to go, but you always have to check with your main monitors.  Now you can sit in front of your mains the entire time you position the mic's!

Robo-Mic RMS1 is a remote controlled mic stand featuring three controllable axis', four simultaneous mic positions, selectable remote cable length, and real world, extremely rugged design.

Three slow moving  powerful motors move the stands position, carefully allowing one to sweep through all available positioning options.  The level of fine movement helps make extremely minute changes possible.   

The remote section houses the power supply for the stand as well as the three axis controls.  All control signal and power for the stand is sent by the 15 foot modular control cables.  Depending on needed length, you just connect segments to make the desired length.



-Slow moving powerful motors for extremely fine detail in movement.

-three axis movement allowing forward, reverse, up, down, left and right.

-wide range of movement along each axis.  Perfect for 4x12 cabinets.

-modular power/control snakes eliminate the need for power to the stand.  Adding and decreasing length is easy for simple set up.

-Very rugged design - able to move over 200lbs. with ease. No worries about large condenser mics and boom attachments tipping over!

-Simple video solution to monitor mic placement from you DAW's monitor.  *requires WiFi access*

-Lifetime warranty


Price: $999.00

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